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Equity release

Equity release Loan Consultant

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Homeowners over the age of fifty-five usually look to the equity release schemes as a means of freeing up cash from their properties. Plenty of reasons are there why older individuals and couples always choose to borrow back their equity a cash lump sum or smaller instalments. Our company GDS Mortgage Consultancy based in UAE provides the best equity release loan consultants. Our consultants explain the overall scheme to the people and ensure that you get the best services.


Many people also want to invest in large-scale home improvements. Some want to able to afford the holiday which they have dreamt all their life. No matter what your motivation is behind releasing equity, you need to make sure that you know the long-term implications of your decisions. This is also the reason why professional companies like us provide consultants for your service. Our consultants will make sure that you get the best services and take the right decision.



Why Choose Us?

We provide our customers with unique expert advice. We have the best consultants who provide the best advice for home equity release in UAE. We have a great deal of experience in arranging equity release mortgages for our customers and clients and our life nothing more than helping the homeowners find new financial freedom with the right solutions.


Therefore choose our equity loan consultant in Dubai, today.

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